A condom is a cover-shaped barrier used during sexual intercourse to reduce the chances of pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections.

If you or your spouse are unable to control your sexual feelings, or find it impossible to control your sexual feelings, or you want to have sex, then using a condom is always beneficial.

Note: Even if condoms are used correctly, two percent of condoms are bad.

Male Female Condoms - HumanSexEducation
Male Female Condoms – HumanSexEducation

Condoms are useful for the following reasons. :

  • To prevent pregnancy or miscarriage
  • To protect yourself from sexual disorders
  • To prevent HIV infection.

Some important tips for using condoms:

  • Verify the expiration date on the condom packet.
  • Use a condom every time you have sex.
  • Condoms are more likely to deteriorate after a date. Such condoms cannot protect you.
  • Condoms must be used before sexual intercourse is established.
  • After placing the condom on the penis, make sure there is no air left in the upper part of the penis.
  • If not circumcised, pull the entire skin back on the penis and then insert a condom. The condom should be taken to the lower part of the penis and removed if it contains air. During intercourse, condoms are more likely to break due to such air and friction.

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