At what age should children be informed about sex education?

Even today, well-educated people in India avoid talking about or discussing sex, which has always been considered a secret, so the issue of educating children about sex education is a long one. But have you ever wondered how your shyness can affect your children?

At what age should children be informed about sex education - HumanSexEducation
At what age should children be informed about sex education – HumanSexEducation

Often parents do not tell their children anything about sex because their parents did not tell them anything about it. So did this have a bad effect on their sex life? So now the society is so advanced that children know everything. So why tell them differently? But that is not the case.

But nowadays it is very important for parents to understand that sex education is very important to keep their children’s future and present safe. Lack of proper education can lead to many mistakes by children or children can get into trouble, the consequences of which can be felt by the whole family.

So it is now the responsibility of every parent to educate their children about sex at the right age.

Whether you give your children sex education or not, they are exposed to pornographic journals, movies, TV, the Internet, and some misleading and provocative information about sex written on toilet walls that can be misleading. As a result, their fickle minds start experimenting very differently about sex without knowing about the immaturity of their body ….. and the result ….? As a result, many of them suffer physically and mentally as well as their careers. So even in this 21st century age, we don’t know whether sex education should be given to children or not. And if you want to give, how …..?

Start telling children about sex education from an early age.

Whether it is a little boy or a girl, they are just ordinary people like us, so the feeling about sex exists in them too, so this feeling is present in everyone from birth. And everyone is curious about their body parts. But parents do not pay attention to this and do not give proper guidance to their children.

It often happens that we unknowingly arouse the curiosity of children about sex. When a child is born, he has no idea about this world and his body. So when a child starts touching his private parts like his other limbs, sometimes he comes in front of everyone without clothes and at such times parents shout at their child and try to cover him with clothes. At such a time, a child with a cowardly mind does not realize his mistake but instead becomes curious as to why he is not touching this part of his body. Nothing is known about this. And that’s why parents shouldn’t yell at their kids for their normal actions. Their behavior will change over time.

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