Human Sex Education

Human sex education is about giving children knowledge about what is good, healthy and desirable. Sexuality is an inspiration and a powerful power of human life. All animals, including humans, have sexual genetic motivation; But just as non-human animals have natural sexual stimuli, humans do not have a mechanism to regulate them. If sex in humans was limited to reproduction just like its function and invention, humans would not need sex education; But man began to invent that motivation only for sexual pleasure. Therefore, human beings need sex education to regulate this motivation.

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Human Sex Education

Nature Of Sex Education

In human sex education, guidance and awareness are created about the anatomy of male and female genitals, their function, the meaning of attraction to heterosexual personalities and not to do injustice to others. Human sex education includes the selection of a mate to satisfy sexual needs, awareness of the responsibilities and consequences of sex life, developing a sense of duty about sex, raising awareness about genital warts, and convincing family planning information. Which of this information should be given at what stage of age and in what language should be decided in consultation with child development experts and educators.

Importance Of Human Sex Education

Children need to be taught human sex in simple language and as much as they need to understand the knowledge that comes with age; Because older children are confused. Therefore, it is effective to give them sex education in two stages as they get older and older. Although a girl’s body is formed at this age, her mind is like that of a small kid. It is necessary to teach post-menopausal care, genital hygiene, and physical changes as well as the idea of ​​attraction to heterosexual personalities. Similarly, as boys get older, they need to be explained about the structure of the penis, its function, semen, physical changes, attraction towards girls, etc., based on the laws of nature.

Also, avoid undesirable and destructive aspects of sexual behavior (e.g., adultery, genital warts, illegitimate children, virgin motherhood, etc.). In addition, education should be given with the importance of educating the youth about the physical and mental deformities, sexual deviations, evil social influences, etc. that come from sexual practices; Because they know these things through outside people like relatives, neighbours, and friends.

Human Sex Education Logo
Human Sex Education

Purpose Of Human Sex Education

The term sex education is used primarily for information about sex, reproduction, and genitals; But it is not enough to just give information about the parts of the body, it is necessary to teach the students to adapt to the emotional changes that take place, to control the rashness of emotions. Proper guidance from parents, older siblings, schools, colleges, and medical institutions is needed to make children more aware of their sexuality.

The most important issue in sex education is that there should be an open discussion on human sexuality by children and their parents, other adults and teachers who are responsible for their upbringing. For the part of sex education that cannot be included in the classroom lesson, expert lectures should be conducted.In the same way, students should develop a healthy and strong attitude to prevent sexual misconduct and abuse.

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